Our Mission Statement:

The mission of Remedy Counseling, LLC Group Mental Health Practice is to serve, support, and care for individuals and families by providing counseling, mental health services and advocacy for individuals, couples and families, during their life span. The treatment philosophy is based on the Bio-psychosocial model, which emphasizes the importance of assessing, evaluating, and treating clients based on their biological, psychological, and social functioning. Remedy Counseling, LLC has six seasoned therapists on staff to help meet all of your counseling needs.

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“We do not provide medication management services at Remedy Counseling, LLC, please contact your insurance company for a list of participating psychiatrists”

Serving:  Children | Adolescents | Families | Adults | Couples


‘Remedy’  { noun } that which cures, relieves or heals.

{ verb} to restore to  a natural or proper condition.


“To heal is to live your life to its fullest potential”

   ~ “Brandy” Nina Routhier LCSW-C, Owner/Clinical Director